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If you're having fun, we highly recommend connecting through a dedicated MUD client.

Connect to: tbwmud.com:5353

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About PHudBase-WebMud

PHudBase is a PHP-based, plugin-free socket-serving powerhouse.

PHudBase-WebMud is a server (to be installed alongside an existing MUD) with a packaged client to enable HTML 5 WebSocket access to your MUD without touching your codebase.

This means that your users can connect and play directly from your website without the need for a Flash or Java applet, and because it's open-source, you can modify the client and/or the server to your needs.

The server sends data back to the client via JSON (ex. {"message":"John kicks some ass."}) and does the conversion from Telnet for you, to include converting definable colors.

You can also define any kind of custom message you want to, from sending map data to separating chat from the actions and beyond. This is the only modification you would need to make to your code -- adding a way to recognize PHudBase-WebMud users (by client-set option or automatic message from PHudBase) -- and it isn't required to give your clients a browser-based gaming experience.

Further discussion on the how's and why's of PHudBase-WebMud should be taken to the Google Group.